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Saber Chi Light Sword... Online Training Course For Saber Chi Included!

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The Saber Chi Light Sword is Taijijian inspired and the official sword used in Saber Chi Training. 

The Saber Chi Light Sword is used for upper body conditioning within the Saberation Institute Of Martial Arts (SIMA) as well as various Light Sword Martial Arts Academies during warm ups, forms training and fencing drills for Saber Chi training.

  • The total hilt length is approximately 13 inched (33 cm) and the diameter is 1 inch.

  • The sword blade swallowing mouth handle is 1 inch (3cm), the emitter length is 2.6 inches (6.7cm),

Hilt Type: Aluminum Alloy 
Hilt Color: Black, Silver, Blue, Green, Red, Teal, Brown, Orange, Yellow, Purple

LED In Hilt

Blade Type: Removable Transparent Polycarbonate blades
Blade Size: 1 Inch in Diameter and 36 Inches in Length with Round Tip
Blade Color: 12 Colors
Light: 12 Watts RGB LED
Speaker: 2 Watts 4ohm
Battery: Safety Protected Rechargeable Battery
Sound: Ten Set Sound Fonts plus Mute with Blaster, Lock-up and Flash on Clash
Features: Removable Battery, Removable Electronics, Supports Heavy Dueling, Pre-Power On, Blaster, Lock-Up, Flash on Clash, Set Sound Fonts, Volume Adjustment, Light Effective Adjustment, Force, and Music (Smooth Swing)
Safety Systems: Battery Backwards Protection System, Over Load System, and Over Discharge System
Warranty: 1 Year Replacement Warranty

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