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CLC Oldtimer

CLC Oldtimer

Hilt Type: Multiple Metals
Blade Type: Removable PC Poly Carbonate
Hilt Size: 11.8 Inches
Blade Size: 1 Inch Diameter and 36 Inches in Length
Light: 12 watts RGB LED
Speaker: 2watts 4ohm
Battery: 3400MAH 18650 Battery
Sound: Three Set Sound Fonts plus Mute and Blaster
Hilt Color: See Photo
Blade Color: 11 Color Changing Options
Warranty: 1 Year

Features and use:

  • When saber is turned off, hold down button to change font.
  • When saber is on, tapping button plays blaster sound, holding button for 1 second and tapping plays lock up on a loop,
  • Tapping button again ends lockup loop.
  • Tapping button turns saber on,
  • Holding button down for three seconds turns saber off
  • Supports heavy dueling.


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