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CLC Destroyer

CLC Destroyer

Hilt Type: Aluminium Alloy 6061
Blade Type: Removable PC Poly Carbonate
Hilt Size: 12.6 Inches
Blade Size:  1 Inch in Diameter and 30 Inches or 36 Inches in Length
Light: 12 Watts FOC LED
Speaker: 2 Watts 4ohm
Battery: 3000MAH 18650 3.7V Battery
Sound: SD Card
Hilt Color: Black or Silver
Blade Color: Red, Blue, Green, Ice-green, Yellow, White, (Ice-blue, Pink/Purple NO Flash On Clash (FOC))
Warranty: 1 Year

Features: This Hilt has 2 buttons.

This is double bladed light-saber that CAN NOT be divided into two separate sabers. 


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