Imperial Sabers Proffie

Proffie 2.2 Instructions for Use

Primary button: Power button   Secondary button: Function button


1.Open/ Close:

Make sure the battery is installed correctly and you hear a beep, it means the lightsaber is in standby. (It is recommended to remove the battery when not using the lightsaber)

Open Lightsaber: Short press the main button (large button) to open or close the sword.

Silent mode: When the sword is off, double-click the main button to mute the sword.

Somatosensory Open Lightsaber: Turn the handle to turn on/off the lightsaber.


2.With the lightsaber on:

Blaster Block: Click the secondary button.

FOC: When hitting a collision with a lightsaber, it will automatically flash white and make a sound.

Swipe Light: Hold down the home button and hit the tip of the blade.

Background music: long press the main button to turn on/off the background sound.

Switch color: When the lightsaber is turned on, press and hold the secondary button and quickly press the main button. After hearing the beep, slowly rotate the handle to change the color of the light effect. Click the main button and hear the tone to exit the color switching mode.


3.In the lightsaber standby state:

Adjust the volume: Press and hold the main/sub buttons at the same time to enter/exit the volume adjustment mode after hearing the "di" sound, short press the main button to increase the volume, and short press the sub button to decrease the volume.

Toggle sound effects: Click the secondary button.

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